About Creative Calgary

Creative Calgary is a startup that connects interesting people, places, and events. We plan to showcase Calgary's eclectic side.

To celebrate our country's 150th birthday, we have decided to search out 150 of our favorite places, hidden talent, and interesting events in our area.

Inspired by slogans like "Keep Austin Weird" and "Act like yourself, that's strange enough" we felt it was time to connect local artisans in a virtual hub.
Know some local places, or people to check out or want to get involved?
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What We Do

Places To Go

A collection of local places where you can find interesting and unexpected things, checkout with a friend, or experience in impromtu event

People To See

Local Talent in Calgary is amazing but most of the time, we hear about them after the fact. We search out an profile and showcase local talent.

Events To Enjoy

Events don't have to be big and glitzy to be fun. We encourage informal events at local places. Maybe a random dinner for 5 with a local artisan.