We are work in progress

Although this is still work in progress, we hope to collect at least 150 special people places and events. We will also create some great ways to help connect artisans to you by bringing some fun packages.
Stay tuned.

Help us make Calgary you!

You're thinking perhaps, what is this site about?
The idea in mind is to bring people, places and events to Calgary.
We have gathered a ton of places and are adding more. They are just fun inspiring creative spots we happened to find.
Soon we will add things like votes for favourites and more.
You can add a place with out signing in. We moderate and post the place. We do not have any ads or hidden goals, simply get Calgary going.
Our longer term goal is to hook up with creatives so they can sign in and add information about themselves, where we can find them, and more.
We will also be adding the ability to create your own event, whether it be a book club, a game event, or what ever you like. You can invite people privately and charge a fee that would include food, and entertainment.
That's down the road though. For now, we just want to see what you think.

This is our test run.